Jan 6, 2008


So I picked up two female bettas yesterday... why? Because they were there! It was the first time I'd managed to find them at an aquarium store (everyone - Al's is awesome!). So anyways... at the store there were about a dozen fish in what looked like a ten gallon tank... and now I have the two I bought in a 2.5 gallon (the math worked out well...) but I had to separate them last night because they wouldn't leave each other alone.

Even now, they keep following each other up and down the barrier, flaring at each other and looking like they're trying to show off. I have to admit I'm kinda amused by watching them... but I really want them to get along. They were in the same tank at the store and they have plenty of room (they're each less than 1.5" long).

Hopefully I can get this sorted out soon...

And... now that I have more fish, I'll be posting pics of them soon - as in whenever I get around to getting batteries for my camera...

Edit: ok, found the problem, supposed to keep them in threes... so I guess I'm taking another trip out to Big Al's...

Edit2: ok, I have three females now - got them a bunch of plants and places to hide and whatnot... and now they seem to be doing well. Haven't seen them flare at each other in a while, and there's none of the biting that was going on last night when there were just two of them. I also got really cool gravel - black with random coloured pieces that glow under a blacklight ^^ I like neon.

So ya... we'll see how it goes.

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