Jan 4, 2008

New lesson

Ok, see this tank?

Cute, isn't it? Actually, I don't particularly like that one, but you can get them in all kinds of different styles. Mine has ladybugs on it.

Don't use them!

I lost Curly this morning, and I'm sure part of the reason was that for a long while (until he got sick and I moved him to a 1gallon to try and reduce stress) he was in this little thing. It's not even as big as the containers they come in, and even though bettas could be kept in something smaller if you really wanted to do that to them, it makes them stressed which increases the risk of disease. Not to mention how cruel it is to keep a fish in something that it can't even spread out its fins in.

Curly was small, though, I thought he'd be ok because he could spread out in this one. But... that's why I only want .5 gallon or more tanks from now on.

This little tank won't be going to waste, though. There are even smaller creatures that I've been planning on raising that would do wonderfully in this tank. Sea monkeys! Also known as brine shrimp, they're supposedly good to use as live food for bettas - and you can get them at toy stores! They don't cost much, they're easy to take care of and they grow to be about a quarter of an inch long (well, mine do, apparently you can get them to half an inch in the right conditions... but my house is cold).

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