Feb 19, 2008

Fin Rot

With all the holidays happening around here (Valentines for real on the 14th, then Valentines with me and my bf on the 17th, then his birthday today) I've been exhausted most of the time and busy the rest. The result being me falling behind on water changes... and the result of that being fin rot for Maddi. She tends to be prone to it... and I figured she'd be fine until I get her and the others in the sorority tank. But this morning she had fin rot again. So I stuck her in the 12 gallon by herself for now because I didn't have time to do anything else. She seems to be improving already, though. I might leave her in there until the other fish come (next week hopefully) and then take her out, add the decorations and put all of them in.

Um... ya, just an update. Not really any useful info there for you guys. Open to questions as always, though.

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