Feb 1, 2008


Ok, so this is like the best "slideshow" template photobucket has come out with yet and I'm going to change all my fish slideshows to this style. Mouse over the pictures to see them properly.

So this is Sky, my new male. He's tiny, barely an inch long (not including fins), but he's still a baby. And I think he's absolutely gorgeous. The pictures don't even do him justice. I wanted to call him Sunset or Iris because that's what he reminded me of... but somehow I started calling him "Sky" for lack of another name and now I can't convince myself to call him anything else. I tried, I just forget.

I was also supposed to get Alpha today, he's a male in the area who needed a home... but we had a pretty nasty snowstorm, so I'll be getting him on Sunday.

And... I bought some females from Ontario Betta. There were two solid orange ones! So excited! I also got two dragon/orange crosses and one blue one. So that's three females I already have, plus five more on the way - and the owner of the site said she might even toss in a couple more because they need homes. I finally got started on actually setting up that 12 gallon, too. So it'll be ready when they come. I think I'm still only going to put 6 in there, though, 8 might be pushing it.

But I'm so excited! Everyone over here is laughing at me because I can't stop talking about my fish tanks!

So... ya, that's all, I think. Check out Ontario Betta if you're looking for fish (and you're in Ontario), and join the mailing list. It's one of the better sources for fish in Ontario, in my opinion.

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