Jan 3, 2008


Hello everyone. I'm Ocean and I collect beta fish - each in their own unique tank. None of these silly simple clear tanks. So this is pretty much just going to be me rambling and ranting about my fish.

I had three fish, but one just died a few days ago and one is currently sick (I think he's getting better, but it's really hard to tell). But I've got two new tanks on the way, so I'll have two new fish coming, as well. I'll post pictures when those two come, since Curly (the sick one) should be better (or dead) by then. The other one I have right now is named Rose and is a bright, deep pink.

So, I'm a little new to betas, but not to fish, and I read and learn fast. So I might also be asking any readers I may have (as if I ever get readers...) for some advice once in a while, or just tossing out bits of advice. Like don't frieking trust the people at those useless little pet stores! The bigger PetSmarts seem to know what they're talking about, but the guy at Pet Value gave me regular freshwater medication for Turquoise when I couldn't find betta fix - and I found out later that that stuff is too strong for betas and is probly what killed him. Also, 7-day feeders are evil. Don't use 'em. They screw up all the levels in your tank.

Beyond that... if you ever stumble across a unique beta tank (.5 gallons at least, please), let me know so I can buy it. In fact, if you have one I'll buy it off of you. But it has to be unique - I don't even wear shirts I've seen other people wearing.

Questions? Comments? Anyone out there?
Bye for now!

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