Feb 8, 2008

Alpha and his bubble nest

Alright, so I keep on saying I'll add photos of Alpha... and here he is. He's much happier since I moved him to the 2.5 gallon - he's much bigger than any of my other fish, so he needs the extra space. In the 1 gallon he just kinda... sat there... But now he's happy and I had fun taking pictures. He even flared at the camera! Unfortunately I wasn't focused properly and that photo's just kinda a blur... so it's not here. I'll try and get another one sometime.

And yes that's a beer bottle, even though beer is disgusting... I needed to put something in the tank and the bottle was there XP If you're going to use that idea, make sure you clean out the bottle really well and fill it part way with gravel or something, especially if you don't have any ground cover, and fill it with water.

And today I came home and went to feed him and there was a bubble nest! It's not a very big one, but I've never seen one in person before... so I was really excited. I'm going to try breeding him... with Maddi, I think... when I have the space and time. Also have to wait for a little tear in one of Maddi's fins to heal - think it was a bit of an ammonia burn, I didn't have time to do any cleaning on the day I normally would have cleaned all the tanks out so I had to leave it an extra day.


whitelacelullaby said...

Hey, I just saw a link to your blog over at ultimatebettas.com (I'm Jolie there).

I have a betta named Alpha too. :)

Ocean said...

wow... a comment from someone who's not Devin! XP

But ya... I assume it's a fairly popular name. His previous owner named him.

whitelacelullaby said...

Yeah, my husband named him. :) He thought he was being brilliant, and I was just so happy to have a betta.

By the way, I have a betta blog for Alpha that I just started. I linked to your blog in it, I hope that's okay!

whitelacelullaby said...

Oh, the blog is http://alphathebetta.blogspot.com/