Feb 21, 2008


So I lost Spike last night... didn't even have a chance to get rid of that ich and show you guys some pictures first... and I'm not really sure what caused it. Only had a couple spots from ich in the morning, was dead when I came home late at night. It looked like columnaris, but I've never seen it move that fast before.

Anyways... in an attempt to be more cheery, I'm posting features a day early.

The first image is by Daniella Vereeken and was actually one of the ones I was considering using in the layout when I redid it, but it didn't match. Just something about the way he's looking right at you always gets me. And his colours are really neat.

The second one is by Zara and it's just really cool. I don't really have much more to say about it.

And the last one, which is by Spyzter, is neat too. Check out the rest of his photos - the bowl makes them look really neat.

And that's it... I've gotta go clean my tanks.

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twocatsandafish said...

Sorry about Spike. :( It's so frustrating when you can't fix them quick enough.

I like that second picture a lot. It's cool how the light is.