Feb 16, 2008

Hum... felt like I should say something...

... but I don't have much to say.

I've been too busy planning for Valentines (Devin and I are celebrating tomorrow) to find photos to feature, so that'll start next week... not that anyone's suggested any.

And... hum... I still haven't taken photos of Spike, I'll do that over the next week sometime hopefully. Sky made a bubble nest today ^^ so proud of the little guy - and Alpha's bubble nests are getting bigger all the time. I'm not going to try breeding until I have a bit more money and it's a bit warmer in case I have to ship any of the offspring.

Stupid weather - it was supposed to warm up this week, but it doesn't look like it's going to. So I have to wait even longer for my females. I'm starting to get quite a collection of plants for their tank, though, and I'm gonna go buy some nice mugs to use as caves later.

Oh! There's something I've been meaning to post: what is generally safe to put in your tank.

Anything sold as dinnerware has to be high enough quality that it's safe for us to eat out of. So it's safe enough for the fish, too. I generally don't use anything that isn't dishwasher safe, but a lot of people don't worry about that rule and are perfectly fine, it's just a comfort level thing for me. Also, terracotta pots work really well, just plug up the hole in the bottom so no one will get stuck.


twocatsandafish said...

How do you position the mug in the tank? Just sideways? I've never thought to do that. Eventually I want to get a proper cave for my Alpha, but a mug sounds much easier to come by. :)

I'll suggest pics soon! I don't think any of my pics are "display quality", but I do know of one flickr site with really cool betta pics. I'll see if I can find it.

Ocean said...

As with any decoration, you can position it however you want... though if you want it to be cave-like, on it's side makes sense. Just make sure it's safe, wherever it is... like it can't accidentally fall over and crush or trap one of your fish.