Feb 12, 2008

Photo Features!

Alright, so I've been meaning to start this up, I just wasn't sure how. And now I've figured out how... so here it is:

Every week (or maybe every two... depends how well this works out) I'm going to feature three new photos. These might be photos I find on Flickr or dA or some other photo site, or they might be photos from you guys that you've sent me, or photos that you guys have found somewhere. I'm looking for good photos of bettas - any kind, any gender, any age. The more original the photo is, the more likely I am to feature it. Once I've chosen photos to feature, I'll post them and give credit to the person who took the photo as well as the person who found it - unless it's me, because that's just redundant.

So... if you've got photos, or know someone else who has photos, link me.

I think I'll start doing features every Friday or something...


twocatsandafish said...

I have a few photos I found to feature. :)


Ocean said...

That's such a cool bowl!

Thanks, you're the first response I've gotten... I'll definitely have features this Friday.