Feb 6, 2008

Just a post...

Ya, felt like writing something. So Alpha's doing fine. He wasn't eating for a while, but now he is, plus he's getting his colour back. I'm going to move him to a 2.5 gallon later - my other fish are all fairly small, but he's like twice their size and I think he'll be happier in a bigger tank. I've also been hearing from his previous owner that he's great at making bubble nests - and I've been meaning to try breeding. So maybe he'll be the male I use. Sky is still too young to use for breeding, I think. I'll post pics of Alpha later once I have him settled in the 2.5 gallon.

And Sky has got his colours back, so more pictures of him will be posted soon. I liked his previous colours better - but at least now I know he's happy. He's a solid turquoise-blue colour now, where as before he looked more like a blue/purple-ish iris. That little guy makes me smile all the time, he's so full of energy.

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