Mar 5, 2008

Got the girls!

Ok, so they finally came. The five girls I ordered plus two extras that Ashley (from Ontario Betta) decided to throw in. They're all alive, despite the delay. They were supposed to be shipped overnight, meaning they should have been here yesterday, but I assume the delay was due to the weather.

Anyways, they're alive and seem to be ok for the most part... which is better than I expected with that delay. Still, one of them appears to have dropsy, which I have never dealt with before, and it's usually caused by kindney failure, which means there isn't really a cure. Another has some cuts (I think they're cuts... I hope they're just cuts...), which should be ok with clean water and aquarium salt and I suspect that a third may have ich, but that should also clear up with the salt.

Now... I have school work to do... I'll keep you guys posted.

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