Mar 10, 2008

Sorority Tank!

Alright... bad news first. I lost two of the girls that got shipped to me and two others are still sick... hoping I won't lose them too.

But, me being impatient, I can't wait for them to all get better before starting my sorority, even if it means extra work in the future if I want to add more fish in eventually. So, I bought two more females yesterday and stuck them in the 12 gallon tank with two of the females I got from Ontario Betta. They seem to be getting along fine... which is good, because that tank is so stuffed with hiding places that I don't know what I'd do if they still couldn't get away from each other when they needed to.

I want to put my three original females in, but they're really big now, so I'm going to wait for the new girls to grow up a bit and then see if I can add in the older girls.

I'll try and get you guys some photos later.

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